Well, um, hi.

This is the site of Catherine Clark, author of Eleven Things I Promised, How to Meet Boys and lots of other books you should read if you haven’t already.

Hey, it’s my site, I have to be able to promote myself HERE. Right?

There are a lot of Catherine Clarks out there. It can be confusing. One is a pro surfer, one created bread recipes and one is a Canadian TV host. They are all awesome. But we are not all the same person.

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So, um. Bye. For now.

7 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Catherine, I think that you should really make a second book to the book ‘how to meet boys’!! I have honestly never read a better book!! Please listen to me and write another one!!

    1. Hi Libby,

      Thanks so much! This totally made my day. I don’t have a sequel to “How to Meet Boys” in the works, but…I am always writing new books. It’d be fun to do a whole series: How to Date Boys, How to Break Up with Boys, etc. 🙂 My next book is called “11 Things I Promised” and comes out next year.


  2. Truth or Dairy is my ultimate go-to read! I’ve always wondered though why the title has changed over the years? “Truth or Dairy” is just SO. GOOD.

    Can’t wait for the next read!

    1. Emily,

      How did I miss your comment? I’m sorry!!! Thank you for your note. The title changed because the books were repackaged as a “set” and all given ice cream titles, so they’d match. But that takes away the deeper (and comic) meaning of Truth or Dairy, I think…

  3. Catherine,

    I am a middle school ELA teacher and my girls have been devouring your book “How to Meet Boys.” I decided to read it myself and fell in love. Thank you, thank you for writing a book that they want to read!!!

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